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We at Tiki Pub are offering an unparalleled franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to bring the Tiki Pub experience to their city. We offer a unique experience that will make you a desirable attraction for all your potential guests. As a franchise owner, you will be able to benefit from our established brand recognition and proven business model of our business while also having the flexibility to tailor the experience to your local market. Ultimately, investing in a Tiki Pub franchise is an exciting opportunity perfect for entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating memorable experiences for others.


We offer a unique experience that is growing in popularity which provides ample room for rapid growth. Combining outdoor recreation, socializing, and entertainment, Tiki Pubs are an attractive option for tourists and locals alike.

Ownership Flexibility

Our business model grants you the opportunity to be completely flexible. We foster this type of adaptability in order to all for you to customize a plan that works best based on your personal preferences and goals.

Strong Brand Recognition

Investing in a franchise provides access to a proven business model, an established brand, and support from the franchisor. This can help reduce the risk associated with starting a new business from scratch.

Take the Leap and Embrace the Aloha Spirit

Are you passionate about Tiki culture and tropical vibes? Do you dream of owning a successful and unique bar that transports people to a tropical paradise? Look no further! At Tiki Pub, we offer exciting franchise opportunities that allow you to become a part of the booming Tiki bar industry.  Dive deep into the Aloha spirit and turn that passion into a flourishing venture. Our proven business model, comprehensive training, and unwavering support set you up for undeniable success. With Tiki Pub, you’re not just opening a bar; you’re creating an escape, a memory, an experience. Embrace the Tiki lifestyle and set sail towards a prosperous future!
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how it works

Dreaming of a boat tour business? Join the Tiki Pub franchise! We’ll guide you through the tiki boat venture ropes. It’s smooth sailing to success with us!


Choose where you’ll operate and whether you’ll franchise Tiki Pub, Trolley Pub, or both.


Tiki Pub helps you procure your assets, setup the technology, and launch your business.


Operate with confidence knowing ongoing support is just a phone call away.


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At Tiki Pub, we provide our franchisees with an exceptional experience, superior quality, professional systems, and a scalable business model. As a matter of fact, we are the leading national franchise system in the cycle boat industry, which gives our franchisees exclusive access to:

Our franchises enjoy territory protection and first right of refusal on future concepts TourScale brings to market.

TourScale has partnered with some of the best suppliers in the industry to offer key assets at a discount.

We configure the website, booking system, marketing integrations, and email so that you can focus on growing your franchise.

We’ve built a community of franchisees who learn from each other about what works and what doesn’t.

Before opening, you’ll travel to one of most successful franchise locations to learn how to operate a franchise of your own.

With over 10 years experience and counting, you’re joining an experienced leadership team.

level up

Ready to level up? Franchising with Tiki Pub is an exceptional way to unlock your potential as a business owner. As a franchisee, you will have the opportunity to tap into the expertise of our successful and established brand while still being able to maintain the independence and autonomy of running your own business. By partnering with us, you can leverage our company’s proven business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing support to build a successful and profitable venture in this rapidly growing niche of social recreation.

blazing the trail

When you join Tiki Pub, you are joining the A-team. We are a trailblazer in the social recreation industry and leading the way with our innovative products, exceptional customer service, and commitment to sustainability. Our company’s unique approach to socializing and outdoor recreation has attracted a loyal customer following and established us as a top player in the industry.

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